Improve Cash Flow and Profitability

Working with business owners, managers and staff, Illuminate Strategies helps to put process and procedures in place, providing a framework for delivering essential information required to maximize business performance. We assist with establishing and developing key performance indicators (KPI), followed by implementation using concise schedules and check lists.

At Illuminate Strategies we recognize the lifeline of any business is proper cash flow. We assist with establishing cash flow projections including payables, receivables, collections, and revenue to mitigate risk. Revenue trend analysis will uncover efficiencies for improved working capital. We provide evaluation and implementation of processes and provide specific working spreadsheets for short term and long term views, which are easily maintained by your personnel.

Analyzing profitability, including cost and inventory controls review, will help to identify process improvements and areas for increased profitability.

For more information on our financial, accounting, treasury and risk management services, and how they all interact to help you know and grow your profitability, please contact us.


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